WFX Internship Program

Welcome to the WFX Internship Program

Join our 10-Week Internship Program and get hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of transportation. You'll learn from experienced professionals, gain practical skills, and build your network.


Western Flyer Xpress, a leading transportation company committed to delivering excellence, professionally and safely, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, and we're looking for ambitious and talented students who want to launch their career in Business Analytics & Account Management / Inside Sales.

10-week program

Paid positions

Flexible schedules

Clearly defined role, responsibilities, and projects

Interactions with all levels including: Executives, Directors, Managers

Lunch & Learn Opportunities

Social outings

1:1 mentor assigned to you

Weekly 1:1 sessions to ensure you're getting the most out of this internship

Business Analytics

Account Management / Inside Sales



Matt Benedetto

Inside Sales Associate

Originally from Belvidere New Jersey I am currently a junior at Iowa State University Studying Supply chain management and on track to graduate in the spring of 2024. I have been with WFX since 2022.

Brian Hobbs

Director of Pricing

Graduated from The University of Arkansas in 1990. Started in the Freight industry in 1995. I now have 27 years of industry experience with 15 being in Pricing and Analytics. I have been with WFX since 2021.

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